Why You Should Start Your Own Business

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    You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you this. Starting your own business is what you should do. Government has failed in their duty to provide jobs to it’s citizens.

Even the ones that does  tax her citizen heavily, you cannot work for any government or Parastatals and become financially independent.  

Many Entrepreneurs started with little or nothing on them but have grown their business into an empire of endless possibilities.

Few things are required to start a business.  You must not have all the capital and other resources before you start.

Want to get really really rich? Start your own business


      Before you start look at the road map that will take you to your desired end!!!

Passion Is Key 

  If you are a newbie into the world of business or about to begin one.  You must engage yourself with the business that interest you most. Go for what you have passion in. The mistake a lots of Entrepreneurs do is to begin a business they have no passion in. 

Imagine a Doctor who have no interest in medical field but go their because he was advised to do so or because his parents ask him to. He may do well as a Doctor but he will never be satisfied as a Doctor.

Yet his passion is to be a musician. Singing, song writing and composing of music has been his hobbies from the time he start to speak as human being. 

The reason for this is that a day of challenge is coming when your interest will be tested. At your quiet time you will find it difficult to couple.

The major reason for frustration in life is when you do things that do not satisfied  your, you find yourself in tight corner just because what you do is not motivating. You must enjoy what you do as a person.

You need to do first thing first which is go in line with your passion from it you will do wonders even in the face of competitors you shall remain standing. Personal fulfillment is key in anything you do. Don’t neglect it.

You Have The Time 

     Yes, you have the time to start your own business or side hustle. You don’t have to wait for another day because today is the day to start your own business.

Timing is important. We all have the same time in the world that is the only thing that is fair on earth. If you were trapped underground and have only 24 hours’ worth of oxygen, you wouldn’t spend any time on Twitter feed or chat with friends or spend a little time on TV.

You will dig and dig and dig to find yourself to safety. Apply the same level of importance and urgency to what you want to accomplish and your schedule will instantly clear.

You hear the old saying ‘time is money’. If you should  start your own business today, you will deploy all of your potential to work which pilot you to the realm of wealth.  

Finding the time is a matter of how badly you want it.

You Have The Money 

Being an entrepreneur is the arts and science of accomplishing more with less money, less time, less staff etc. 

Face it: You will never have a enough cash or funding. Never. If you don’t have a enough capital to launch your business  the way you plan, change your plan.

You can’t always control what your have but you can control what you do with what you have. The little cash you have can go along way to cement your vision and bring it into fruition.

Money can never be enough to start the dream business that your plan but you can always adjust your plan to achieve what you want.

You Have The Right Connection

Between all the social media platforms, you can reach almost anyone. In fact, some people are  good reason to connect, give before you expect to receive, and you might be surprised by the people who respond.

You hear some people say, ‘I have no connection to do what I want to do or be who I want to be but social media has broken the limitation of such statement and brought you to the arena of possibilities.

When you don’t have money to start your business, it’s essential you find the right people who can help.

You may attend events and trade shows where you can find potential investors. You may also join various online forums on social networking sites where you can find useful tips and resources to bring your business to life.

Run A Trial

  Want to be sure if your business idea is indeed unique?

Run a test and find out. A pilot will give you the confidence you need to take your idea to the next level and mitigate risk.

You can start on a small scale by giving away some freebies to a few people in your target audience group to see how they respond.


A small trial can give you some new insights to grow your business and identify challenges that you might have overlooked.


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