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same day loan
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Same day loan are small money amounts, lent until next paycheck to people who face emergency expenses and need money urgently. After filling in the application, the client receives lender’s decision on the same day in less than one hour. Though, the loan itself is credited to the bank account within one business day since approval.

Are Quick Loans Same Day Possible?

The money is usually available within 24 business hours after approval. You’ll need to fill in a safe form on the lender’s website. Your personal, employment and banking details are needed to process the cash request.

As for the banking details, you have to know your next paycheck date, ABA/Routing, and the Account number. To get online pay day loan you do not need to answer a number of questions. Just some basic information is required to get the process of your 24 hour loans started. Before submitting the best cash loans online same day form, make sure you have filled in everything right.

All in the Timing

There is a much shorter approval time for online same day loans than for loans from traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. It’s not practical to wait for a long approval time when you are faced with an emergency. For that reason, borrowers are opting for the speed, fast approval and trusted lenders of payday loans.

Even if borrowers have a bad credit history, they can still successfully apply for a cash advance loan. Under normal circumstances, a soft credit check is made when applying for a same day loan. It does depend on the lender, however, but all of them will check a client’s financial background and ability to repay the loan.

When comparing same day cash loans and payday loans or cash advances, there’s not a lot of difference. Payday loans are short term loans that can be received in a single business day.

Solving an urgent financial problem with an immediate cash funding makes payday loans quite popular. The main difference is that not all lenders support same day funding.

The lenders, who provide such same day services will charge extra for the speed, and most of the banks will charge additional fees to process a money transfer faster. Payday loans are not cheap, and borrowers should be ready to pay even more for the speed!

same day loan

Why would you need a cash loan?

Recent statistics tell that fewer than half of Americans have more than $1,000 in savings to cover emergencies. When sudden expenses arise, the impact may be fatal. A single financial crisis can create ripples that spread through a family budget and can take years to recover from.

For example, in most parts of U.S., public transport systems are weak for working people. If a car breaks, that can mean much time away from work. Without the money to get the car fixed, you can’t go to work, and without work, it’s impossible to fix the car! This vicious cycle can result in many months of troubles, and it might be tough to restore. But this doesn’t have to be the case for anyone!.

Online cash advance is a quick solution that more people are using, to cope with financial issues. Obtaining emergency cash loans, is a rather simple task, even you think it may be challenging. The basic point is being responsible and using this option only in urgent cases, as payday advances are costly.

Use Payday Loans For:

  • Urgent car repairs.
  • Lost wages from an illness or injury.
  • Unexpected medical bills.
  • Emergency travel costs, like traveling to a funeral or a seriously ill relative.
  • Expenses needed for starting a new job, like new clothing or a transit pass.
  • Christmas or birthday gifts for special people and family.
  • Paying a security deposit on a new flat or rental home.
  • Paying a bill that’s surprisingly large (like an electric bill that suddenly spiked up by a large amount).
  • Covering a paycheck gap; i.e., if a bill will be past-due before your paycheck arrives, the fees from an online cash advance might be lower than the late fee from bill.
  • Paying to move to a new home.

Don’t Use Payday Loans For:

  • Investment in a business (for this purpose business loans exist!);
  • Traveling for fun;
  • Going to parties / restaurants / entertainment;
  • Buying new gadgets, kitchen supplies (this stuff can wait until better times);
  • Unnecessary gifts for birthdays / holidays (try to do DIY gifts in that case);
  • New clothes / shoes / jewelry / watches;
  • Home improvement (if it’s not urgent, better use unsecured personal loans);
  • GYM / Leisure memberships (use home workout routines);
  • Purchase of a car (better buy new cars with auto loans);
  • Covering other debts;
  • Any other needs / things that might really wait and are unnecessary / not urgent now!;
same day loan

What are the requirements for same day cash loans?

You have to keep your necessary papers on hand before submitting an application for same day loan. The faster you provide any extra information to the lender, the faster you’ll get your loan! It will save you a lot of time in an emergency!

General requirements

The following conditions apply for a payday loan, and unemployed individuals can also apply!

  • Be employed or have a steady income of $1,000 per month
  • Have an active checking account in a bank or credit union
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid email and phone number

Required Documents

The direct lender may, in certain circumstances ask for additional documentation like:

  • Proof of identity such as a passport, driver’s license, your social security ID.
  • Proof of your address. That can be a utility, phone or cable bill.
  • Income proof from your employer

3 best short-term loans

LenderWhy is it the best?What you’ll need to applyMax Loan Amount
Check into Cash Payday LoanPlus, get access to check cashing, cell phone top ups, bill pay and more at one of its many storefronts.Bank account, email address, phone number, US citizen or permanent resident, ages 21+$1,000 Go to Check into Cash’s site
CashNetUSA LoanSign up for its discount program to get access to coupons and deals on everything from dining out to tax services.Regular source of income, bank account, US citizen or permanent resident, ages 18+Varies by state Go to CashNetUSA’s site
CashUSA Installment LoansExplore its online education center to get tips on budgeting, how to prioritize your bills and more.$1,000+ monthly income after taxes, valid checking account$10,000 Go to’s site

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    Really helpful post, as this post will helps many people to apply for a same day loan.

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